Porto Franco centre will host a Prisma hypermarket

The company developing the multifunctional Porto Franco complex, being built in the port district of Tallinn, signed an agreement with Prisma Peremarket according to which a new Prisma hypermarket with the floor area of 6,600 square metres.

‘For every large centre, a hypermarket is one of the most important anchor tenants, and we are very pleased that we have now reached an agreement with Prisma. On the one hand, we secured an excellent cooperation partner, and on the other, we have provided in the port district a base for a new hypermarket with an excellent range of goods,’ said Aldo Dapon, a member of the Management Board of Porto Franco, commenting the contract.

‘When we open new stores, the key factors for us is always a superior location, the potential of the shopping centre, and the development of the region in general. We are convinced that Porto Franco will satisfy all these conditions, and we are really looking forward to the moment when we can open the Prisma market there,’ added Janne Lihavainen, the CEO of Prisma Peremarket.

Porto Franco is a multifunctional complex with a promenade, which will be built in the Tallinn city centre at the Admiralty Basin. Most of the premises will be used as retail, catering and office premises. The complex has 3 underground and 5 above-ground floors and its total area is ca 150,000 square metres. The architectural solution of the new centre, being built in the port district, will be created under the leadership of the lead architects Ott Kadarik and Mihkel Tüür of the architectural bureau Kadarik, Tüür. Arhitektid, which was selected on the basis of the Porto Franco architectural competition.

Prisma is a retail chain with Finnish roots, owned by SOK, which operates a total of eight stores in Tallinn, Tartu and Narva. Prisma is well known for their spacious stores, wide selection of goods, and the most affordable price levels. Prisma is one of the most stable retail chains operating in the Estonian market, having started their business in 2000. Today Prisma Peremarket employs a staff of nearly 1000.

Prisma hypermarket in Porto Franco